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ATM8 launcher & game pushing my cpu to 100%

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I've come across an annoyance whenever I run the ATM8 launcher or even the game itself my CPU usage gets pushed to 100% oddly enough its not even the launcher taking up the usage. steam seams to be the heaviest at about 30% but without the client running steam sits at max 4%. I ran a couple other games just for troubleshooting and it seems ATM8 launcher is the only thing that causes this event. haven't tried any other mods packs so its possible its the forge launcher itself. I'm gonna download another mod pack and see what happens. any help would be amazing! thank you.

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Update: the issue seems to be with launchers opened through curseforge does the same thing with different modpacks. doesnt seem to have problems with KSP but that opens through steam. i don't have any other games that would launch through curseforge so for now its just minecraft launchers.

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