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[Need Help Again]Particle effect is dark?


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I have made a custom particle and got a custom texture for it but sometimes when I load up my minecraft the custom particle is really dark And I don't know why?


How the particle should look:



How the particle looks when it has the dark glitch:



EntityFX Class:

package minecraft.Mod.common;

import net.minecraft.client.particle.EntityFX;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator;
import net.minecraft.world.World;
import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.Side;
import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.SideOnly;

public class EntityYellowFlameFX extends EntityFX
    /** the scale of the flame FX */
    private float flameScale;

    public EntityYellowFlameFX(World par1World, double par2, double par4, double par6, double par8, double par10, double par12)
        super(par1World, par2, par4, par6, par8, par10, par12);
        this.motionX = this.motionX * 0.009999999776482582D + par8;
        this.motionY = this.motionY * 0.009999999776482582D + par10;
        this.motionZ = this.motionZ * 0.009999999776482582D + par12;
        double d6 = par2 + (double)((this.rand.nextFloat() - this.rand.nextFloat()) * 0.05F);
        d6 = par4 + (double)((this.rand.nextFloat() - this.rand.nextFloat()) * 0.05F);
        d6 = par6 + (double)((this.rand.nextFloat() - this.rand.nextFloat()) * 0.05F);
        this.flameScale = this.particleScale;
        this.particleMaxAge = (int)(8.0D / (Math.random() * 0.8D + 0.2D)) + 4;
        this.noClip = true;
        // This is where the particle gets it texture

    public int getFXLayer()
	   return 1;

     * Gets how bright this entity is.
    public float getBrightness(float par1)
        float f1 = ((float)this.particleAge + par1) / (float)this.particleMaxAge;

        if (f1 < 0.0F)
            f1 = 0.0F;

        if (f1 > 1.0F)
            f1 = 1.0F;

        float f2 = super.getBrightness(par1);
        return f2 * f1 + (1.0F - f1);

   public void renderParticle(Tessellator par1Tessellator, float par2, float par3, float par4, float par5, float par6, float par7)
       float f6 = ((float)this.particleAge + par2) / (float)this.particleMaxAge;
       this.particleScale = this.flameScale * (1.0F - f6 * f6 * 0.5F);
       super.renderParticle(par1Tessellator, par2, par3, par4, par5, par6, par7);
     * Called to update the entity's position/logic.
    public void onUpdate()
        this.prevPosX = this.posX;
        this.prevPosY = this.posY;
        this.prevPosZ = this.posZ;

        if (this.particleAge++ >= this.particleMaxAge)

        this.moveEntity(this.motionX, this.motionY, this.motionZ);
        this.motionX *= 0.9599999785423279D;
        this.motionY *= 0.9599999785423279D;
        this.motionZ *= 0.9599999785423279D;

        if (this.onGround)
            this.motionX *= 0.699999988079071D;
            this.motionZ *= 0.699999988079071D;

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Yes because it is better to extend classes.

And sometimes vanilla classes are used in special cases where they are expected to work, which you may not fulfil.

Vanilla EntityFX are spawned in RenderGlobal, check if anything special happens for the class you copied over.


I would investigate getBrightness(int) or getBrightnessForRender(int) if i were you.

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