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Mismatched mod list


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I am getting a mismatched mod list error when loading into a replay file that I recorded with replay mod. The mods are all the same, but for some reason when checking the debug log it says it's missing a mod, that I have installed, with this next to it: Version test of 'ABSENT ?' from server : REJECTED

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    • Thanks. I removed the data component from item registration and the game boots fine now. However now when I try to call the set() method on my item stack during the item's useOn method, it still throws an error that the registry object is not present. I have registered the data component along with all of my other modded content in the main mod class, so I am at a genuine loss as to why this is still happening. I am new to these forums, am I allowed to link the github repo?
    • hi I don't really understand I'm not able to tell what that's for?
    • Forge fires RegisterEvent (which is used internally by DeferredRegister) for each registry in a specific order, so changing the registration order in your code won't help. I haven't actually been able to run my mod since 1.20.6 because I'm waiting on Item Capabilities, so I haven't encountered this error myself. It looks like you can't use your DataComponentType during Item registration, so you probably need to get/add it on demand with getOrDefault and set, instead of in registration.
    • Try posting logs per the FAQ banner at the top of the page, it might provide information that would help figure out what is going wrong. I split your comment into a new topic, because even though you said it's "the same problem" as the original poster, you have a different setup than that person, it's not the same problem.
    • Unfortunately those screenshots do not provide any useful information. Try to post logs per the FAQ banner link at the top of the page, they may have information that would show what is going wrong.
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