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Changing properties of the airBlock


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I am under the impression that I can change the qualities of the airBlock. The problem is that I cannot find where the airblock is defined so that I can look into it. It is not in the Block class but you can find the isAirBlock Method in many different places.


At first I tried to make the block null and replace it with a custom block of my own. This doesn't even let you load into minecraft.


My goal is to make is fo that under certain conditions you will get a poison effect from just "breathing" the air.


If you have some helpfull suggestions I would be glad to hear them.



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The end goal is


if(player is above lvl 30 && player is on surface)


    ((EntityPlayer)Entity).addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.poison.getId(), 20, 2));



This could be activated if the player is walking I guess, that would probably be the easiest, but I want to make it that the player gets the effect even if they are standing still.

I know how to attatch an effect to a block that the player walks on but I thought that is would be easier this way if its possible.


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Well, I don't know much about tick handlers but it seems that you could either use a player tick handler or the EntityLiving event. You can check the Tutorials tab on the forum's main page for a link to getting started with events. Other than that, you seem like you know how to add a potioneffect, so you should be fine.

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Yes I know how to add the potion effect, the problem that I am running into is finding where I can alter the aspects of the air block.


Example: I can make my own block by extending block then replace a vanilla block with my own thus giving sand, for example, the ability to drop something other than it's self.


Where can I replace the air block. It is not listed in Block.blocklist[]. If someone could help me find it, and find what I need to extend to make my class work, then I think that I can take it from there.

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