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Nexly Network | SUPER CRAFT BROS REMAKE SERVER | 1.8.9+ PVP | FAST-PACED GAMEMODE | Minecade Recreation


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Nexly Network is a project that began in 2018 to revive the classic gamemode by SethBling and hosted by Minecade, Super Craft Bros.

Before Mineplex and Hypixel, Minecade was the #1 ranked server, and it's main gamemode was Super Craft Bros. Unfortunately, the server is no longer operational, meaning there is no way to play the gamemode that THOUSANDS used to play.

Introducing Nexly Network's "Super Smash Blocks"

Nexly is a server ran by former Minecade staff members which has seen the community migrate over. The server seems numerous players online each day and still actively aims to bring the old community together, while facilitating new players! One of our main aims is to make the game new user friendly, as we truly believe this traditional gamemode to be one of the best Minecraft has to offer.

The game only requires two players and is a fast paced, semi-competitive PVP gamemode with 60+ selectable characters and 30+ available maps for a variety of modes.


What do I do?

  • Fight in an action-packed map using your character with fast-paced double jumping and powerups.
  • Select from 2p, 4p and 6p maps, or play an 8p map where your character changes every life!
  • Each player in the game has five lives, last player standing wins!
  • Play with a dedicated community on a mode that thousands grew up with and adored!
  • Fight with 1.8 PVP mechanics, but play on any Minecraft version!

How do I join?

If you are interested, come check out our server! We have a large roadmap and frequent updates to our mode and we would love new or old players to come and share their ideas with us and have fun!

Thankyou for reading and hope to see you on the battlefield!

Check out some gameplay from one of our gamemode's tournaments! 



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