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location aware block-break-speed / hardness through event?


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Hi all,


I'm trying to add a semi-block-protection feature to my mod.  The idea is that there will be a control block/TE in an area, which will 'reinforce' blocks in its chunk (or otherwise designated bounds).  This will be based on a teams system, where players not on the controlling team for the chunk/controlled area will have a much harder time breaking blocks within that designated area.


(the goal is for siege warfare -- to remove the ability to just pick-axe through your enemies defenses in mere seconds -- but not completely remove the ability to break, merely make it take longer...tunneling should be a valid tactic, but not the _only_ tactic as it currently is )


Setting up the control block/TE is fairly simple/standard stuff...where I'm getting stuck is dynamically altering the block-hardness or break speed of the player -- based on location --. 


I see there is the BreakSpeed event...which does pass a player reference, however, it does not give any target block location reference.  Is there a super-secret hidden event that I'm not seeing that contains this information, or should I re-ray-trace to get the target block?


Has anyone else done a similar feature without resorting to a core-mod?


Thanks in advance,



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