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EnderGames [Factions PVP] [No Whitelist] [No Chest Protection] [Grief] [Raid]


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Hi there who's reading! If you're looking for a 100% fair game hardcore Factions PVP server with no chest protection you should totally choose us! But before that, let me introduce you to the server and show you what we provide for our players!







Don't expect a lot of players since we've just opened! It takes some time!



  We've officially opened our, at the moment, little project called "Endergames" on 21st of December in 2013. We're trying to provide full democracy in our community, we listen to anyone's suggestion and opinions. Worrying about sudden unknown updates? Don't worry about that! Before doing updates we always make votes/discussion threads regarding if any mod or plugin should be added! Democracy at it's best! Currently this is our only server.



  • We want to provide you the best Factions PVP server experience you've ever had!
  • We have chest protection disabled which makes the raiding more exciting! Raiding, griefing and much more! All the fun stuff is allowed except cheating and breaking the server rules. Don't worry, there are only 11 rules which are simple and easy understandable!
  • We have the old Factions plugin which was released in December, 2012. It's probably the most simple and understandable Factions build! But the best thing to tell is that it has private faction chat!
  • Borders are 20 thousand blocks from spawn on every way! Too big? Not even close! We are expecting up to 200 players online in future! And don't worry, we will reach those numbers, it takes time, we've just opened!
  • Supportive, loyal, mature and friendly staff! We can promise you that our staff will help you with most of your server-side questions while you're playing here! Our staff will help with any server issues you're having!
  • We have a very good host with good bandwidth, which is located in Netherlands. Currently we are running the server on 12GB RAM and we can add more RAM once it will be needed! No lags at all if you're having a good internet connection.
  • No whitelist! Simple! Everyone can join, come and play by enjoying all the cool server features it offers.
  • No cheaters! We have numerous custom coded plugins that identify and target over 50 different versions of hacked clients and "X-Ray" Texture Packs. X-Rayers are easily discovered and permanently banned, no warnings.
  • Donation system. Want to help the community via helping with the server hosting bills? Or just buy the owners some beer? You can donate and get some awesome perks in-game! Check out our donation store on website! More perks coming soon.
  • Totally fair game. Our main staff will never give anyone items, status or something other to players for any reason. Server owners don't play the Factions itself just to make players feel that everything is fair. If owners would play players maybe would think that we are using administration powers just to get ourself items, exp etc.
  • Weekly events with full of fun! We are making in-game world-wide PVE and PVP events for players every week! For example, this week we will have an event where, in a random place up to 3 thousand blocks from spawn, we will spawn a HUGE dungeon which people can raid, but beware the Giant Zombie. Dungeon will consist of several rooms with monsters and loot, and final room with a Giant Zombie and excellent loot. All the information about events are being posted on our website.
  • PVP arena at spawn with no power loss! Go and ask to duel someone!
  • Buy and sell available items at our spawn store! Vote for some bonus money!
  • Discover the hidden places at spawn for enderchests, enchantment tables, video room and more!
  • And much more, come to the server and see for yourself. Watch the trailer for more excitement.




Feel free to leave your opinion!

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