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Minecart sink into the ground after Forge installed? Fresh minecraft.


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--note- The version i am using is 204 as far as Forge goes.


Well, first off i did read the "Read this or you may get banned". But, the problem is this has nothing that would even cause a log, error, or other crash report to post even because the game doesnt crash. The problem i have is that, on a fresh install of minecraft, meta file removed, Forge installed and working perfectly fine without a hitch, i get a simple issue. The problem is when i let my minecart go down my fairly steel hill into my mine shaft it disapears into the ground and i tried all 4 edges and they disapear every time into the ground 1 block deep into the block. 


Research wise i'v tried it on two computers, searched over google for 5 hours, and tried over 4 worlds with tracks, reinstalled minecraft, tried with only forge, then with mods, and without any mods or forge, it only worked with mods without forge or with no mods and no forge. Once forge was added the issue popped back up instantly.


I'm not sure what could cause this, and it does not happen before forge is loaded, and did not happen on my other computer when i tested it with mods, it is just after forge is loaded alone, on a fresh install of minecraft.


Any clue what may cause this?





I just made a test track on a new world and it seems it's not only because i hit a sharp turn, this time it sank into the ground at the bottom of my track after it took one sharp turn just fine.

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Thank you for the reply, how exactly do i get that version? The recomended when i use it on the forum is 204 and i'v clicked every recomended button there is in the post for the version update.




Ok i fell like an idiot now, i just found the latest link, thank you for the help and sorry for wasting any time here with not looking well enough -.-...

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