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[Solved][1.5.2] GUI Slots misaligned from texture


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I'm working on a simple mod, and I've been working on a block that needs a pretty simple interface (for now). So far, it's going OK, and I've managed to create the block and have gotten quite far with the GUI. However, I've run into a bit of a snag with the last one.


The slots on the GUI don't correspond with the background texture. The coordinates I've set for the slots seem to originate from the origin of the window, instead of the origin of the GUI (the GUI is centered on the screen). To illustrate the problem, I've taken this screenshot and highlighted the slot as it appears on the texture, and the actual position of that slot: *clicky*


I position the slots in this code, which seems to be relative to the window, whereas I would expect them to be relative to the edge of the gui, which I have centered, as you can see here!. Obviously, this centers just the background, because now the whole thing is messed up. I'm assuming there's a way to make the slots and the background line up, but I've been unable to find it. Anyway, this is the relevant code (I think), but if there's anything missing I'll be glad to put that into a gist as well.


For the record, I've been using tutorials from the wiki to create the mod. I've been using this one in particular to create the GUI. I think I've followed it to the letter, however I've found a few relatively minor errors in the tutorial myself, so it's entirely possible I'm missing something glaringly obvious because of my lack of experience with the MC/MCF codebase.


Anyway, I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm doing wrong here. I'd like to get on with this mod :)

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I'm guessing that you didn't set xSize and ySize for your gui class, and it's still using the default which would be the size for the player inventory screen. If you use the default texture, I bet you will see the slots align perfectly well, though maybe not since it looks like your gui is offset by quite a lot... what does your texture file look like when you are editing it? Does it start at pixel 0, 0?


If you post your entire Gui code, it will be easier to spot what you need to change.

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Well, don't I feel stupid. The texture file was ok, the xSize and ySize got set properly, but there was a problem with my initGui()-method. Apparently, when I created that I called "super.initGiu()" and instead of choosing the "Change to initGui()"-quick fix, I chose the "Create method 'initGiu()' in type 'GuiContainer'"-quick fix, I guess. So the problem was the initGui() of GuiContainer not being called properly.


Sorry for your troubles, and thanks for helping anyway!

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