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[1.7.2] PlayerInteractEvent


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I'm trying to get it so that if I right-click mid-air with an item, that item will disappear and a new item will appear in the inventory. However, when I run the game and right-click, nothing happens (no item lost or gained). I've got everything registered but I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is.

Thanks in advance. Here's the code:

Code in a class called FPEventHandler

public void playerInteractEvent(PlayerInteractEvent event)
	EntityPlayer player = event.entityPlayer;
	ItemStack tankEmpty = new ItemStack(FreshPower.getItem("fp_tankEmpty"),1);
	ItemStack tankAir = new ItemStack(FreshPower.getItem("fp_tankEmpty"),1);

	if(player.getCurrentEquippedItem() != null && player.getCurrentEquippedItem() == tankEmpty)
		if(event.action == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_AIR)

This line is in my init constructor of my main mod class

FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register(new FPEventHandler());

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Thanks for the help. The issue is fixed but now another one has risen.

If I have a full inventory and right-click the air, I lose the item but I don't gain the item I want.

I've tried different ways of fixing this but none of them work. Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do?

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AI haven't tried it, but I would probably test for room in inventory in the event and cancel it (set result to cancelled), if it would result in too many items/stacks. I am curious about the function 'net.minecraft.item.Item:onItemRightClick( ... )' which returns an ItemStack.

I suspect overriding it in your Item subclass might accomplish the same effect easier. Anyone know for sure?


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