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[1.7.2]Crash on player.addChatComponentMessage


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So for some reason, i'm getting a npe in in my sendChatToPlayer function, but it was working previously. Here's all it is :


    public static void sendChatToPlayer(EntityPlayer player, String message)


    player.addChatComponentMessage(new ChatComponentText(message));



And the stacktrace is :


Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

at net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayerMP.addChatComponentMessage(EntityPlayerMP.java:987) ~[EntityPlayerMP.class:?]

at mymod.util.ChatMessageHandler.sendChatToPlayer(ChatMessageHandler.java:33) ~[ChatMessageHandler.class:?]


The line it fails at is :

        this.playerNetServerHandler.sendPacket(new S02PacketChat(p_146105_1_));

in the EntityPlayerMP class in the net.minecraft.blah.blah bit.


Whats going wrong?

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I personally wasnt calling that, the  player.addChatComponentMessage(new ChatComponentText(message)) calls it. As in, the function addChatComponentMessage is as follows :


    public void addChatComponentMessage(IChatComponent p_146105_1_)


        this.playerNetServerHandler.sendPacket(new S02PacketChat(p_146105_1_));


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I call sendChatToPlayer(EntityPlayer player, String message) in er, almost everywhere, but the problem is in my "setSkill" method in my ExtendedEntityProperties. The method is :


public void setSkill(Skill lookup, int i, EntityPlayer player)


Side side = FMLCommonHandler.instance().getEffectiveSide();

RSLogging.log(this.getClass(), "Increasing level");


if (side == Side.CLIENT)


RSLogging.log(this.getClass(), "So not doing anything");




this.SkillAmounts[lookup.ordinal()] = i;

this.ExpAmounts[lookup.ordinal()] = this.limits[i - 1];

RSChatMessageHandler.sendChatToPlayer(player, "Congratulations, you are now " + this.getSkill(lookup) +" " + lookup.name().toLowerCase());




(RSLogging.log takes the class and a message, and prints the class, effective side and message)

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Hrm, that's weird. First of all though: Do not use getEffectiveSide, only for debugging purposes (if even then). It is slow and may be unreliable. Use


instead. "But I don't have a world available!", you complain. Yes, you do. Every entity has one. Every TileEntity has one. And so on and so forth. You almost never have no world available.


Regarding your problem: I really don't know. Try debugging with your IDE and see what's null (and why).

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