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[1.7.2] Biome removal


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So, I'm fairly new to Forge (I used it a little many months ago, but much of the little that I learned then has changed.) Due to the recent update, most of the tutorials aren't up to date. I'm fairly skilled in Java (I've been programming in Java for nearly 5 years now and got started with Java because of Minecraft.) I'm having some problems finding my way around Forge, because I'm unfamiliar with it, but I would like to create a new WorldType which will encompass an alternative of the a basic survival world. This alternative really only needs three (thus far, non-existent) biomes. I've created the new WorldType and have set it up to my liking, but the further I dig into the generation of the biomes, the more and more and more complex it gets. Is there not a simpler way to change which biomes are generated in my alternate dimension than to go and change every reference to them in all of the code?! For instance, in net.minecraft.world.gen.layer.GenLayer.java:

protected static boolean isBiomeOceanic(int p_151618_0_)
    return p_151618_0_ == BiomeGenBase.ocean.biomeID || p_151618_0_ == BiomeGenBase.deepOcean.biomeID ||
               p_151618_0_ == BiomeGenBase.frozenOcean.biomeID;

This is intermingled with the code used to actually generate the world. However, some of the biomes are hardcoded right in there! One of the biomes I need to make is indeed oceanic. Does this mean I will have to make a subclass of GenLayer.java simply to override this method to include mt biome?? In my personal opinion, that's somewhat ridiculous. If things like this can't be avoided, then I understand and will (maybe) just put up with them, but I simply would like to know if there is a simpler way to do what I'm wanting to do.

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