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Need names and ideas for Items, Mobs, Blocks and Dimension


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I am just writing my first mod (called "DimensionShift") and came to a point where i want to clean up some code to (maybe) publish the first version.

The whole mod is based around traveling through dimensions(i am definitely going to add mystcraft support).

Right now i have two ways to travel to other dimensions.

First i have a block that, once charged up, moves every mob, player and Block in a radius of 30m to my custom dimension and back.

Than i have a person-teleporter, it is a multiblock structure that needs an already installed (and charged) receiver in the other dimension.


I am planing to add a less advanced portable version(with an 2% chance that you end up in the middle of nowhere) of my person-teleporter and some other things such as teleportation arrows and some kind of dimension-tnt.


The first name i need is for my custom dimension and all natural generated blocks such as stone or grass.

Here are some pics:



Recently screw up my grass block(put texture in wrong folder, got deleted after next launch), had to use mycelium for pictures




Its an abandoned world with a few rare items (btw, i need a name for my ore too(required to build dimension engines and machines)) maybe 1 or 2 bosses(ideas?) and a few biomes.

And yeah, I made it after playing Terraria for 5 hours. Just tell me if i should change the design.


I also need names for an Item group made out of redstone and ender pearls/eyes that is used to build circuits and machines. Right now i call them "Ender Dust", "Ender Lense"... but i think that this doesn't really describe the items since they have nothing to do with the end.


It would really be awesome if someone could suggest some names or ideas.




I am sorry for my bad english, was in a hurry when i wrote this.

Here could be your advertisement!

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Just a Brainstormin: World of Warcraft Regions, Star Wars Planets, Dungeon Dimensions like Levels with a Start and a End (think of MC-End, you need to kill ender dragon to get out). Actually there is no Ghost Biome or somethin..


Name for Dim could be Terra Relictus (Abandoned World in Latin), Boss "The Abandoned", "Ancient Relict".


Ore hhhmmm, maybe Abarid


Redstone+Ender= RedEnder, Render, EnderRed, EnRed...


Maybe that helps



Have Fun!



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