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[SOLVED][1.6.4] Mob spawns grass as it walks?


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I'm trying to enable a mob to spawn tall grass as it moves, much like how a snow golem spawns in snow as it walks around.


Thing is... It's spawning dead bushes rather than tall grass...

Here's the code I grabbed from EntitySnowman:

 public void onLivingUpdate()
      for (i = 0; i < 4; ++i)
            j = MathHelper.floor_double(this.posX + (double)((float)(i % 2 * 2 - 1) * 0.25F));
            int k = MathHelper.floor_double(this.posY);
            int l = MathHelper.floor_double(this.posZ + (double)((float)(i / 2 % 2 * 2 - 1) * 0.25F));

            if (this.worldObj.getBlockId(j, k, l) == 0 && this.worldObj.getBiomeGenForCoords(j, l).getFloatTemperature() < 0.8F && Block.snow.canPlaceBlockAt(this.worldObj, j, k, l))
                this.worldObj.setBlock(j, k, l, Block.snow.blockID);


Then I changed some things on the bottom method:

 if (this.worldObj.getBlockId(j, k, l) == 0 && this.worldObj.getBiomeGenForCoords(j, l).getFloatTemperature() < 0.6F && Block.grass.canPlaceBlockAt(this.worldObj, j, k, l))
	                this.worldObj.setBlock(j, k, l, Block.tallGrass.blockID);


Of course, I'd change some variables to what I want, such as Block.snow to Block.tallGrass.

I messed around with the getFloatTemperature, but every time I change it to something it spawns in dead bushes

It seems as if anything above 0.7F, nothing spawns

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try changing

this.worldObj.setBlock(j, k, l, Block.tallGrass.blockID);


this.worldObj.setBlock(j, k, l, Block.tallGrass.blockID, 1, 0);

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