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[1.7.2]TileEntity and GUI to custom GUI.png


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Hello Minecraft Forge Community,

I've made a Chest & Workbench GUI. I don't know how to make a TileEntity and a GUI for this idea.

There should be:

A Crafting Table and 2x9 Chest  as you can at the bottom of this topic in one GUI.

Can anybody help me?

I would be very glad because I'm not good at TileEntities and in English :D because I'm from Germany.





OOO    =>  O  (Crafting Table








[Forge 1.7.2]TileEntity and GUI to custom GUI.png

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We can't "show" you how to do it. Assuming you know how to make blocks and have the Proxies setup you should see some tutorials on Tile Entities (mousetutorial.co.nf), and go exploring the source code. The best part will be the feeling of accomplishment.  When I started to make my double input custom quantity consumption furnace I was like "WTF how am I gonna do this shit. There are no tuts, how the hell am I gonna make this work?". But after looking through the MC source, some class copying, editing, deleting imports, and working out the logic on paper, I made it. My own code. My own custom furnace. I was so happy. So the moral of this story is. Try, try, try. Watch java tuts if you don't know java, go through the minecraft code, and even the fucking sky won't be the limit! :)

Sincerely Nicba1010.

P.S. I am definetly not drunk.

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