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[1.7.2] Item refuses to Consume other items and repair itself


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I have this special Item I want in my Mod called a "Emblem of Repair" and by having it on you will slowly repair everything damaged in your inventory. However I want it to be upgraded by feeding it an item (test item is Iron Ingots) I was looking at how Bows work and tried to mimic that in the item (near the bottom of the class)


What happens is if I do right-click and hold it will consume a ingot however it never really did (visually it works, but in the background it doesn't aka if I simply right-click the ingot reappears and the changes are undone) so How do I make this 'work' correctly? Also I'm new to modding MC (but not to modding or java in general)


Any help or advice or explanation would be helpful (Also I read the before you post a topic and should I use Gist or the spoiler+code combo below? apparently spoilers don't open)



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