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[1.6.4] Textures not recognised


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When i test in eclipse my texture isn't showing up on the item, anyone know why?


This is my base file




and my item file





I am on forge .964 so im using gradle



I have my texture located at B:\MinecraftModding\forge-1.6.4-\src\main\resources\assets\generic\textures\items



Thanks in advance for any help.

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       public static Item ChocoDust;
       public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event)
           ChocoDust = (new ItemFood(5000, 3, 3, false));

           LanguageRegistry.addName(ChocoDust, "Chocolate Dust");


The problem is that you never create an instance of your ChocoDust class.  I'm guessing that you're just starting out Java?  Your code should look something like this


public static ChocoDust chocoDust;

       public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event)
           chocoDust = new ChocoDust(xxx);

           LanguageRegistry.addName(chocoDust , "Chocolate Dust");

and your ChocoDust class should probably extend ItemFood, not Item.  (I haven't tried to compile that code there so it might not be exactly right)


Here's a link you might find useful if you're just starting out with Java






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