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[1.7.2] Crash on isItemValidForSlot()


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I need some help with my project.

I am trying to create custom furnace.

I have GUI working and now I am in process of coding container for my furnace.

And I bumped in to a problem.


In container for my furnace i have this code:

public boolean isItemValidForSlot(int i, ItemStack itemstack) {
if(i == FuelSlot){			
	return fuelRegistry.isFuel(itemstack);
	return false;


And this is my FuelRegistry class:

public class fuelRegistry {

private static String[] fuelRegister;

public fuelRegistry(){
		fuelRegister = new String[] {



public static boolean isFuel(ItemStack itemstack){
         return Arrays.asList(fuelRegister).contains(itemstack.getUnlocalizedName());



When I am trying to check if furnace can accept fuel this way, it crashes and I have no idea why.

I also tryed it with ItemStack array and foreach instead of contains.


Thank you for any help.


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Where do you call "new fuelRegistry()"? If you don't, the fuelRegister array is still null, as you initialize it when you make a new instance of the fuelRegistry class.


PS, please use camel-case, it makes the code much more easier to read.

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