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[1.7.2] how do I create a custom crafting system


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I Have a working gui i need to know how to create a crafting system like thermal expansions induction smelter i would like to combine two objects together to get an end result but i want to have multiple recipes


also i need to know how to fix the thing when i pick up an item from my gui and it goes straight back to the slot it was in




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1. Just use HashMap of recipies , with entry. Watch Vanilla furnace , how it does work , and you will undestend that. All what you need to modify - change in furnace code , to use entrys.

2. When shift - click? you didnt make you Container right , public ItemStack transferStackInSlot(EntityPlayer player, int slot) <- its when someone shift clicks. Again , watch vanilla code to make its more stable.


How to watch vanilla code? Click Ctrl+Shift+T in eclipse , and type TileEntityFurn .It will search for class with that name. For containers - ContainerFurnace.

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oh , you dont open gui... You have GUI only at client-side , and its not opening on server-side. You mod NEED TO BE @networkmod . Just put @NetworkMod after @Mod in you main mod.


Or you dont register you GuiHandler. GUI and networking not documenting that good at wiki.There is nothing about network mod , and what you cant use GUI without it.

And the same with Entitys - you MC will just crash if it will spawn , and you mod without @NetworkMod.

And i think tileEntity buggy too without @NetworkMod.....TM@NetworkMod

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You have mixed up your Gui and Container classes badly. I suggest you study a tutorial or two on Gui's and Container's and which does what and on which side. Then, on the server return up your Container (not the Gui.) Also, look at any other vanilla TE with a gui. transfer stack in slot just can mostly be copied from the crafting table or furnace code with slight modifications for slot numbers.

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