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[1.6.4] Multiple *Smelting* Slots


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Hey, firstly I'd like to apoligise for the not descriptive title, couldn't think how to put what I want to do in one short sentence. What I'd like to do is, like a vannila furnace has 1 slot for the smelting item, I'd like to have 3 of them. So for instance, in the 3 smelting slots, you put 3 separete items, and it checks to see if them items are the correct recipe, and makes something using up the items in the 3 slots.


The reason I am doing this is because I'm making a Blender, so I'd like to be able to combine ("smelt") for instance, milk, strawberry and a banana to make a banana and strawberry smoothie.


Not sure if you need any of my current classes to help me, but say if you do.


Again, sorry if this has been a bit confusing, can't think of how to condense it down into a sentance or two.



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