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[1.7.2] SimpleNetworkWrapper Help


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I'm trying to use the SimpleNetworkWrapper functionality to send information from the client to the server. I initialize the SimpleNetworkWrapper and then register the message handler, like so:


public static SimpleNetworkWrapper network;

network = new SimpleNetworkWrapper("Test");
network.registerMessage(PacketHandler.class, Request.class, 0, Side.SERVER);


I then call sendToServer() to send the information:


MyMod.network.sendToServer(new Request("Test"));


Request.class implements IMessage, and override toBytes() and fromBytes() to send data. However,  the ByteBuffer that is passed to toBytes() is not the same as is passed to fromBytes(). The buffer in fromBytes() is always empty, no matter what is put into the buffer in toBytes(). Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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To test it, I set the byte in index 1 (because index 0 is used to store the discriminator byte?) to 2.

public void toBytes(ByteBuf buf)
buf.setByte(1, 2);

Then I read that byte, but it throws an IndexOutOfBoundsException because the new buffer is empty.

public void fromBytes(ByteBuf buf)

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