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[1.6.4] Tools are not enchantable (Please help!)


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So I've been getting frustrated lately because I have a mod that is growing very fast and it has 1 major problem: None of my tools are enchantable. I tried adding the tools to the ore dictionary to see if making it register as a vanilla pickaxe would help only to find out that tools don't use the ore dictionary, so then I tried copying and pasting my own version of EnumToolMaterial which also didn't work after I referenced and changed around everything correctly, and now I'm stuck without a working solution to any of my problems.


Here is the code:    (If you need more just let me know)




I really need tools I make myself to be enchantable. I would also appreciate it if you could tell me how to make it so that when I use axes to cut down trees, TreeCapacitor recognizes it as an axe tool.

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Do you get any error in console .Please post it .


And this is the method to add a material

EnumHelper.addToolMaterial(String name, int harvestLevel, int maxUses, float efficiency, float damage, int enchantability);


You have done it right in your code but if the last integer in stater which is of enchantability is set to 0 it cant be enchanted.

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Try to change the -1 in maxuses


public static EnumToolMaterial onyxEnum = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("onyxEnum", 3 ,  -1  , 6.0F, 3.0F, 22);  //-1 here


Give it a positive number and then try.


Edit: I was right, I tried it. Give the maxuses a positive number

Because the maxuses is the amount of time it can be used.

So it cant be negetive.

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