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.addToolMaterial Damage property


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Hi, I am making a variety of different tools, and with the

.addToolMaterial(String name, int harvestLevel, int maxUses, float efficiency, float damage, int enchantability)

I was a bit unsure about the damage float, is the damage for a sword, pickaxe, axe? I don't know what tool it is for.



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@param (for custom tool material)

name - you can put whatever you want.
harvestLevel - what type of ore it can harvest, higher for better tools.
maxUses - the maximum uses before a tool of that tool material breaks.
efficiency - how fast a "pickaxe" breaks a block.
damage - how much damage the "sword" does.
enchantability - how good the enchantment of that tool.


The "damage" float [in hearts] is called by the super of ItemSword.

It calls that and puts the damage into the hash-multimap (might be complicated so ignore).

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