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Which function to override for block drops?


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I was looking through the Forge Javadoc, and found




dropBlockAsItem (again with different sig)





quantityDropped (again with different sig)



I'm assuming I should be overriding getDrops, but I'm wondering what all the others are for.


Also, why are there so many functions that don't say what they do and have parameters with names like p_164584_2? It only seems to make finding stuff I'm _supposed_ to be using unnecessarily confusing.  ???

This may be a dumb question. Feel free to say it is.

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I'm pretty suree it's this:

protected void dropBlockAsItem(World p_149642_1_, int p_149642_2_, int p_149642_3_, int p_149642_4_, ItemStack p_149642_5_)

It has a World, x, y, z, Itemstack. For help about that look at the Block class. ;)



I'm sure that if you Override getItemDropped(int, Random, int) it will work but I'm not sure what are the parameters there.


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