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[WIP] PeriodicCraft - Introduces chemistry to Minecraft


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What is PeriodicCraft?

PeriodicCraft is a modification for Minecraft that is a work-in-progress. The purpose of the modis to bring a whole new twist to the chemical environment of Minecraft. Because we haven't plannedeverything, features may still disappear or be added to the list. Make sure to give us suggestions.


Current Features

  • PeriodicCraft will contain all the elements of the periodic table, including the compound elements of Minecraft.
  • New way of crafting, using atoms, creating (simplified) molecules for them.
  • Registering all the molecular recipes of the items currently in-game, including support for mods.
  • Adding machines like a Molecular disassembling chamber, which will allow players to disassemble the items into molecules then atoms, which will be transferred through pipes to special storage or by hand with special cells. (The molecular disassembling chamber is one out of many machines that will be added)
  • Every item will have a weight in grams to it, which will allow you to be more specific about things.
  • A new way to find and search items using the Molecular/atom dictionary, which will store your discoveries in it, which will let you scroll through it in an easy way, and search through items, elements and blocks you have discovered.
  • As mentioned, we will be adding support for other mods, like BuildCraft. With BuildCraft, you will be able to use our pipe for sorting and storing elements, tubes and cells the way that you prefer.
  • We will add our own energy system, but we're not sure of how it's going to be powered, or the name of it. We might add support for EU which is the energy unit for IC2 and most other big mods using machines and power.
  • When you discover an item, you will have access to all the information within the Molecular/atom dictionary. You'll for example be able to see how it's built up and what the structure of the molecule looks like.
  • We're planning add multiplayer support, which means that you'll be able to do everything with your friends. That also means, that we might add disks so that you can share your collected knowledge with other people on the same server.
  • All the elements of the periodic table will be accessible throughout the whole Minecraft world. They will be available as ores, ingots, liquids and gas. This means A LOT of new items and blocks to the game.
  • You can disassemble a molecule to see what elements it consists of. If you have the equipment, you can even modify the molecule or take out the elements you want and then put them in cells.
  • MUCH more to come in the near future



Molecular Disassembling Chamber

The molecular disassembling chamber will allow you to disassemble any molecule to gain knowledge.You can even take out elements out of the molecule and save them in cells for the future. What youcan do with it, all depends on how many upgrades you have added to it. We're not quite sure of what it's going to look like, but we're pretty sure that it's going to be a multi-block. The more you have addedto the multi-block structure, the more powerful and faster the machine is.


Liquid Disassembler

With this machine, you'll be able to disassemble all kinds of liquids. You'll even be able to get the sodium out of salty water that you might have found somewhere (sea, cave or desert). Depending on where you fetch the water, you get different outcomes when you disassemble it. For example, if you disassemble water that you have found in a desert, you'll have sand molecules and sodium atoms as the outcome.


Element Scanner

With the Element Scanner, you can scan any item and research about the item. If you have discovered everything about an item, you'll be able to disassemble it in the Molecular Disassembling Chamber. If you haven't researched enough about the item, the item either disappears or the machine explodes. There are still a lot of ideas to this that we're currently planning. There are still a lot of machines that we're adding. These machines are only the ones that we have on the top of our list at the moment. We will be taking a lot of suggestions from this thread.





A cell is used for storing atoms in your inventory. You have to store atoms in a cell, because that's the only way to transport them around. You won't be able to store an atom directly in the inventory, becauseit's impossible to carry an atom around. The only way you can see it in an inventory-way, is if you storeit in our special storage that will allow you to store the atoms without them disappearing. You can even sort the atoms and search for them in our system.



With a microscope, you will be able to research the most basic information about an item. You'll be ableto figure out the size of the atom and what it looks like, but that's pretty much it all. To research more about an item, you have to invest into more expensive equipment.


Item Scanner

With the Item Scanner, you will be able to figure out everything about an item. You'll be able to find out what different elements it's built of and what you can do with it. You'll also be able to find out the exact weight, structure and a more advanced description of the properties of the elements.We're of course still adding a lot of items, but they're not all planned.Give us suggestions.


Support us

If you feel like supporting us in any way possible, you can either help us by joining the project, or you couldjust suggest in the comments. Right now, we're moslty looking for a texture designer, and MAYBE a developer that knows the Forge API very well.


If you feel like you have the skills to join us on this journey, please contact me on email. If you can't support us in any of those ways, you can can just comment below and give us constructive criticism. It's going to be pretty long until we release this mod, because of the fact that we have to add all the elements of the periodic table and Minecraft. That's why we need some support with textures and code.


Email: [email protected]

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