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Anyone want to fix the whole duplicate block/item thing?


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I've copied this from my own post in the mods subforum and deleted the old one, because it's really not a complete mod as of now. Sorry to anyone who's already seen that one.

If you're wondering why this isn't in WIP mods after reading it, it's because WIP mods has virtually no traffic and the main point of this post is to gauge interest.

So I've been playing with mods on and off for a while, and one of the things that's really bugged me has been that almost every "tech" mod has added copper, tin, lead, or silver. Despite the OreDictionary, I as a player know that there are up to five different copper ores when I play certain modpacks. Dealing with these different ores, some of which cannot be disabled, is annoying without resorting to hacky solutions like OreDictionary converters, which come with problems of their own, like letting one turn bamboo into sticks. Additionally, removing a mod may result in some or all of certain resources disappearing because the version that particular mod provided just happened to be used as an output by the OreDictionary or some machine.


Most of the blocks and items added by large numbers of mods are pretty simple, and basically identical between mods.


What is the interest in a small mod that takes a resource name, texture, and a few basic properties, and provides the same block or item to every other mod requesting it? I have a rough but almost-usable proof of concept, so it is feasible, but it would really only work if there were people, as in modders, interested in using it.


Just in case anyone wants to check it out, here is a github link. Please let me know what you think, and what it would take for you to consider using it in your own mod.




edit: Also, there's the whole "no two items can have the same name" thing that's happening starting with this Minecraft version. Any modders who use something like this mod to add generic ores and such won't have to disable them when other mods are installed just to prevent crashes.  ;D

This may be a dumb question. Feel free to say it is.

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Responding to point A, I really haven't found anything else that attempts to deal with this specific problem. There is the OreDictionary, but that does something completely different and still leaves the duplicate items in.


For point B, you are most likely correct for everything else, but I know that registering liquids has this problem. The rest still stands, though.

This may be a dumb question. Feel free to say it is.

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This problem would not happen if people used the standards already in place. Your mod, as the above poster noted, is just another of the standards people will not use. Thus, the problem is exacerbated, rather than solved by your idea.

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