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[SOLVED] [1.7] Spawn EntityItem at exact position


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Hi there!


I want to spawn an EntityItem at given x,y,z coordinates.

If I use something like


this.worldObj.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityItem(this.worldObj, this.xCoord, this.yCoord, this.zCoord-1, itemStack));


the EntityItem gets properly spawned but propelled away in an strange angle.

I already tried to first define the EntityItem and alter the motion values before spawning it, but that didn't help.

Is there a reliable way to spawn an EntityItem at exact coordinates?





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That's curious, I would have expected it to work like what you said (i.e. create EntityItem, then set .motionX etc to 0).  Are you sure you did it right, and you didn't try to place the EntityItem so that its bounding box was clipping into a block?


I'd suggest a breakpoint in EntityItem constructor and onUpdate() should get to the bottom of it.







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Many thanks dude. Because of your post I realized that I did a silly mistake.


I wanted to spawn the new EntityItem exactly 1 block away in south direction (because of its rotation) of my TileEntity. So I thought spawn coords x, y, z+1 in relation to my TE are what I want... but no this would spawn the Entity partially underground and a bit to near. So it popped in an other direction all the time.


After using x+0.5D, y+0.5D, z+1.5D relative to my TE, the EntityItem spawned 100% correctly in the middle of the block exactly south of the TE.


Thanks again :)

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