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Is there a way to get the ForgeDirection a Vec3 is pointing?


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Hi everybody.  I am wondering if there is a easy way or method to get the ForgeDirection that a Vec3 (or any other type of 3D vector) is pointing?  I am trying to make a block that blends in to it's souroundings, if it makes any difference.  Thank you in advance.

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I don't know of a  vanilla function for this but it is easy enough to do yourself.


Find which of the three components [x, y, z] have the largest absolute magnitude.  The vector is pointing mostly in that direction.


eg [0.5, -0.6, 0.9] is pointing mostly in the positive z direction

[0, -0.7, 0.3] is pointing mostly in the negative y direction



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This is what I'm going to try to use.  Fell free to use it yourself :)



public static ForgeDirection getForgeDirection(Vec3 vec) {


	double pitchR = Math.atan(vec.yCoord / Math.sqrt(Math.pow(vec.xCoord, 2) + Math.pow(vec.zCoord, 2)));
	double yawR = Math.atan2(-vec.zCoord, vec.xCoord);
	double pi = Math.PI;

	ForgeDirection dir = ForgeDirection.UNKNOWN;

	System.out.println("Pitch: " + pitchR + ", Yaw: " + yawR);

	if(yawR < -pi || yawR > pi)
		System.err.println("Yaw is too big!!");

	if(pitchR > -pi/4 && pitchR < pi/4){ // if the vector is mostly horizontal

		if(yawR >= -pi/4 && yawR <= pi/4)
			dir = ForgeDirection.EAST;
		else if(yawR < -pi/4 && yawR >= -3*pi/4)
			dir = ForgeDirection.SOUTH;
		else if(yawR > pi/4 && yawR <= 3*pi/4)
			dir = ForgeDirection.NORTH;
		else if(yawR < -3*pi/4 || yawR > 3*pi/4)
			dir = ForgeDirection.WEST;

	} else if(pitchR >= pi/4)
		dir = ForgeDirection.UP;
		dir = ForgeDirection.DOWN;

	return dir;


Edit:  I have a gitch where it sometimes thinks South is West, and I have no idea why.

Edit 2: I fixed it.

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