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Savage Realms Raid [Factions] [Raiding] [PvP] [Classes] [RPG] [Bosses]


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IP: play.savageraid.org



Hello, fellow minecrafters! I am here with some good news! What's the good news? You can join the Savage Realms Raid server today! The Savage Realms Raid server has many features including:


- Factions

- Wilderness world (PvP on, build/destroy on, and faction claiming on)

- Raiding

- PvP world

- Event world

- Custom Classes

- RPG Quests

- Custom Bosses



Faction settings:


- Water won't protect from TnT

- Obsidian isn't unbombable

- Map is small and compact (5,500)

- Protection factions aren't allowed

- Max 55 claims

- No Wilderness vaults

thanks omega



You might be thinking "What's this 'reborn' talk about?". Well, Savage Realms Raid has recently come under new ownership. A previous Admin and a previous Moderator, Louis1 and klowe10, are now the owners. They have brought about many changes. Notable ones include:


- Own server IP

- New Owners

- New Staff

- Reset all Ban lists (Website and Server)

- New (custom) plugins for Savage Raid

- Different gameplay

- RPG world added again

- Weekly podcast's for explaining updates and talking with the community.

- Nostalgia - type features (Spawns, Warzones, Ect)

- Better voting perks

- New Donation Ranks

- Advertising Plans



If you still aren't settled on the awesomeness above, let's look at some statistics. Savage Raid was "reborn" 7 days ago. Since then, what have we accomplished?


- Over $850 in donations (our MONTHLY goal):

- Over 100 people on at a time (and a constant 70):

- Ranked #88 on Minestatus:

- AMAZING PvP fights featuring +20 players:



Server Stats:

- Players: 50-100 on at a time

- Community: ~200 players

- Rank: #87 (on minestatus)

- Age: 3 years (reliable)



Server Info:

- IP: play.savageraid.org

- Website: www.savageraid.org (enjin)

- Voting: www.vote4raid (little buggy at the moment)



This server features a competitive community and helpful staff. You can join in the fun today! Hope to see you there!



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