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Launcher won't find all versions


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Hi all

I recently downloaded forge to run some 1.6.4 mods, and removed the newest forge too, just to be on the safe side.

However, my launcher seems to still think I have the newest one. Using the old one with 1.6.4 doesn't even appear as an option in the "edit profile" menu. Only 1.7 has a forge option.

I have tried creating a third profile on the launcher, and that didn't pick it up either. Is there a way to get my launcher to recognise that the older forge is there?

I have already googled this issue, with no success, and have seen no similar threads on this forum.

Any help is appreciated.

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Well I'm an idiot. I hadn't actually run that version after adding it into .Minecraft.  :o


It appears in the launcher now, but the launcher just closes for a second then returns to the launcher screen instead of launching Minecraft.

This may be due to the mods I have, so I'll try taking some out and seeing what that does, but if you think it might be something to do with forge, please let me know.  :)


EDIT: nvm, turns out it was something I did wrong with adding NEI.

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