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Trying to make nearby pigmen angry.


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Hi there. I'm Brad. I recently started work on my own Minecraft Forge mod for MC version 1.7.2. I'm using forge build


I've added some nether ore generation to my mod and I would like to have any nearby pigmen become angry at the player which is mining these nether ores. I've looked at the MFR code on GitHub and in their netherores block's code, they are calling the "becomeAngryAt" method that is part of the "net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityPigZombie" class. I tried to do this in my code but it turns out that the "becomeAngryAt" method is actually private to the EntityPigZombie class so I am unable to call this method. I did some searching on line and I found this patch file that I'm guessing changes this method from private to public but I don't know I would go about applying the patch or if there is another way of angering nearby pigmen.


Thanks in advance,


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