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Event when Minecart gets destroyed


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Heyho Guys!

I want to create an upgrade item for minecarts which can be applied by clicking on them. This Item should drop if the minecart is destroyed. Actually, I can't find an event which is fired if a minecart gets destroyed. Which event do I have to subscribe to?

EDIT:It would be great if you also can tell me an event for a minecart being rendered!

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I think there is a MinecartInteractEvent.  Not sure if that is useful or not.  It seems to contain just the player and minecart entities.


The other minecart related events are collision and update.


Of course for living entities there is a death event, but not for minecarts (which are entities but not living entities).  I don't see any entity events that would be helpful.


There is a public field in all entities called isDead.  You might be able to check that in some tick handling event perhaps.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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