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[Solved][1.7.10] Binding texture in renderWorldBlock changes after time/movement


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I am toying around with rendering the main Minecraft framebuffer to a block.


I have registered my




, fetching a fresh


, overriding


(and the other methods of


), and aside from a few lighting issues, it works as expected, rendering the fully rendered Minecraft framebuffer to the quad ... for a few seconds, and/or as long as I stay within ~4 metres of the block.


Returning to the block after having been more than ~4 metres away does not fix the texture, but breaking and replacing the block does.


When the block stops rendering the given texture/framebuffer, the bound texture seems to simply become that of the dynamically assembled texture atlas for basic blocks.


That is to say, there seems to be nothing wrong with my registering the rendering handler, or binding the framebuffer texture, or even drawing the quads.


I cannot pinpoint any issues with the method or class, but I figured perhaps I am doing something wrong? In that case (which is very probably the case), what ought I do instead to render a custom texture - in this case the main Minecraft framebuffer, but it could just as well be any other procedural texture - to a Block/quad?




Any help would be much appreciated. I am probably either doing something silly or overlooking something important.




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