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[1.6.4+] Chunk loading & Multiblock, Generic question


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Hello, I would like to ask a question about how chunk loading is affected by multiblock structures, lets imagine I'm coding a multiblock long 32 blocks x 3 x 3, this structure can intersect 2 or 3 chunks, what if i have 2 TileEntities on both sides, which are 32 blocks away from each other, they are communicating with each other


Imagine 1st part want to insert/take item from the other part which is in 2nd/3rd chunk away, which is not loaded by player, what will happen?, will the game load that chunk?, or will it throw some error/null?


That's a theoretical question, I'm actually coding an multistructural machine, which is supposed to have 2 TileEntities, they are going to take/insert items from each other, and so one...




EDIT: Version im going to code in is 1.6.4, but i think that should not matter that much.

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Whataver, i guess it does load the chunk if u are using this function, the function is from vanilla minecraft

TileEntity tileentity = par0World.getBlockTileEntity(i, j, k);


which i traced back and it goes like this


TileEntity tileentity = par0World.getBlockTileEntity(i, j, k);

--> Chunk chunk = this.getChunkFromChunkCoords(par1 >> 4, par3 >> 4);

----> return this.chunkProvider.provideChunk(par1, par2);

------> return chunk == null ? /*other stuff*/ this.loadChunk(par1, par2)) : chunk;

--------> chunk = this.safeLoadChunk(par1, par2);

----------> Chunk chunk = this.currentChunkLoader.loadChunk(this.worldObj, par1, par2);

------------> return this.checkedReadChunkFromNBT(par1World, par2, par3, nbttagcompound);


which of course will load even the uploaded chunks :), i hope i helped someone who will ask this question again

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