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[Help Request] Movement of EntityItem


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I wouldn't call myself new to Minecraft Forge, but I'm not really at an advanced level either.

Anyways, I was trying to create a block (powered by IC2 energy) that would take any EntityItems above it and move them into the air. It was originally going to be a magnetic-type thing, but I modified it for debug purposes to accept any EntityItem.


Here's my updateEntity method in the block's tile entity:



    public void updateEntity(){
            for(Object o : worldObj.getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityItem.class, AxisAlignedBB.getBoundingBox(xCoord, yCoord+1, zCoord, xCoord, yCoord+range, zCoord))){
                EntityItem item = (EntityItem)o;
                if(item.getEntityItem().getItem() instanceof ItemBlock /*&& ((ItemBlock)item.getEntityItem().getItem()).field_150939_a.getMaterial() == Material.iron*/){
                        ;//TODO Once I do direction setting
                        item.moveFlying(0F, /*new Random(5).nextFloat()*/10F, 0F);
                    int random = new Random().nextInt(6);
                    if(random < 3)
                        item.moveFlying(0F, -1, 0F);
                    else if(random == 3)
                    else if(random > 3)
                        item.moveFlying(0F, -1, 0F);





If anyone could point me to the stupid thing that I've done here and make a fool of me in front of the entire forum, that would be greatly appreciated.

I make a fool of myself wherever I go - I don't expect this to be different.

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