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[1.7.10]Help updating code


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I am remaking an old mod and I cannot figure out how to update this piece of code:


    public Packet getAuxillaryInfoPacket()
        ByteArrayOutputStream var1 = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
        DataOutputStream var2 = new DataOutputStream(var1);


            for (int var3 = 0; var3 < 2; ++var3)
                Packet.writeItemStack(this.switchBlocks[var3], var2);

            var2.writeByte((byte)(this.switchBlockDirection | (this.editState ? 16 : 0)));
            var2.writeByte((byte)(this.lightLevel | (this.isLightMinimum ? 16 : 0) | (this.switchSound ? 32 : 0)));
            byte[] var5 = var1.toByteArray();
            return new Packet250CustomPayload("SecretSwitches", var5);
        catch (IOException var4)
            return null;

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First, forget about all that try/catch and the DataIn/OutputStreams - that whole paradigm is not really used anymore. Please search for updated packet tutorials like I mentioned earlier. EDIT: Just to be clear, I don't mean that try/catch is no longer used at all, I mean specifically in this context it is not needed anymore.


For this particular case, you don't even need custom packets; use S35PacketUpdateTileEntity, which needs an NBTTagCompound - easy way is to just call your te's writeToNBT method and send that, but it's better to only send the data you need (i.e. write whatever you need to an NBTTagCompound, which you then send).

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