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Get skins from the minecraft skin server

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Okay I was working on some stuff and I thought let's get a player skin when renaming the mob to it.

This is just the normal Biped model, so the skin server would be great.


I went digging in the RenderPlayer class and found the bindTexture part.

It guides me to AbstractClientPlayer via getLocationSkin()


this is a dead end, because it gets a stored ResourceLocation, that is set using a methode in this class by another class. That class is neary impossible to get, because of all the func_123456_a methodes.


When I look in the AbstractClientPlayer class, I can see it has a getDownloadImageSkin methode.

This could be it.


it returns a ThreadDownloadImageData. I could make a new IResourceManager, but that would not be the best idea.


In the AbstractClientPlayer class, the constructor refers is an other class, called the SkinManager.

this looks promising.

But again, this is usng MinecraftProfileTexture, which is almost not useable by a simple modder, me!


I had an idea, making a methode that will download the skin from an URL and then gettingthat image via a RecourceLocation.

The only problem, I have no clue how to do that!


Could anyone please help me with this?

Coding, Testing, Smiling, Publishing!

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The crucial part happens in the AbstractClientPlayer constructor. It calls func_152790_a on the SkinManager, which will download the skins. Note that it implements SkinAvailableCallback, which is then called back by the SkinManager with the proper texture once the skin finishes downloading.

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