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Project 'Minecraft' is missing required library in Eclipse


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I've been trying to get starting with modding, to create a few simple mods with my friends. So far it has been nothing but problems.

Before, I had over 20 libraries, kept redownloading the forge src, so I eventually loaded the libraries from .minecraft. Now I only have one missing library:


Project 'Minecraft' is missing required library: 'jars/libraries/org/ow2/asm/asm-debug-all/4.1/asm-debug-all-4.1.jar'


I could not find anyone that has this problem without the other 20 something errors. This causes me not able to run Minecraft through eclipse. I could not find the file in my Minecraft libraries, so I don't know what to do.

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About the libraries, many people had the same problem and that was the answer on almost all of the forum topics.


This computer was used in a java class, so it already had jdk and eclipse. I downloaded src Forge, and ran the install.cmd. When I noticed the libraries didn't show in eclipse, I had to redownload the libraries, and now we're here. I've just noticed that there still are no files in the src folder in eclipse.


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