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Interest in a central mod/modder registry?


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I've noticed while looking around on this forum and a few others that a lot of mods are redundant or in some cases just look stolen. I figured that the most efficient way to prevent this was to create a website meant to organize mods and modders in the hopes of sparking cooperation and snuffing duplication. A list of possible features is below.


The spoilers are due to my obsession with brevity but lacking of tendency towards it.


List of Possible Features

  • An open mod registry organized by genre. Examples include
    imitation (e.g. Dead Space Mod), expansion (e.g. MOAR mod to be released later this month), graphics (we all know Optifine), server (I didn't have a good example because I never play servers, but X), and server advantage (good old Hacked Clients).
  • Modder profile pages including
    code examples, projects started, projects finished, projects participated in, projects participating in, user rating, user description, and a comments section moderated by the user.
  • Mod pages including
    screenshots, ratings, list of participating users, latest version for the mod, latest compatibility with minecraft versions, bug reporting, suggestions, and a button to ask to join the project (determined by either a vote of current members or the creator).


Hopefully all of these will help people keep from duplicating mods (hence the ability to ask to join projects). This is an idea thrown together in twenty minutes so if you have an idea or a better way to present it, please do so. Since I personally absolutely suck at web design, if you have interest in participating in the creation of this website please notify me.


P.S. I'm new here. If there was an error in my phrasing, placement, presentation, attitude, or procedure then please inform me and I will do my best to correct it.

Having a tonne of errors doesn't mean you're bad at code, it just means that you didn't patch before moving on.


MOAR mod Beta & First release coming soon.

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