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[1.7.2] Starting/stopping long running sound from a block


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Hey everyone.


I'm trying to grasp minecraft/forge modding and it's been going fine so far. I'm creating a nuclear warning siren for my ic2 nuclear power plant I'm building. I've created a textured siren block so far and when it gets powered by redstone it emits light (I wanted it to be a red warning light, but apparently that's not natively supported by minecraft.. any tips there are welcome) and it plays a siren sound. 

I'm playing the sound with


world.playSoundEffect((double)x, (double)y, (double)z, Sirens.MODID + ":siren.nuclear", 5f, 0.5f);


And it works beautifully, but the problem is that the siren sound is ~2 minutes long. I want the block to behave exactly like a Jukebox block does when it's broken. That is, when I remove the redstone power from the siren block, I want it to stop (preferably to ease into a "powering down" sound). I've been looking at the Jukebox block and how it handles the right click from a player, but it seems to me that it's using some code specifically created for records.


So what I am hoping someone knows how to do is, stop a sound as soon as it's playing (and I don't want to stop all of them, so I can't just somehow tell the sound manager to stop all sounds called "siren.nuclearwarning", incase other sirens are still running).


The next phase I would like to go to after getting that to work would then be to have "Siren starting", "Siren on" and "Siren stopping" sounds, so that "Siren starting" is the first sound played, then "Siren on" on repeat until the block it stopped with the "Siren stopping" sound playing at the end. But I'd say that's a 'nice to have' feature if I get the other thing working.


The whole source code is available on Github right here. The exact line where I'm playing the sound is here

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