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Minecraft forge [1.6.4] SOURCE not downloading correctly


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I have recently began modding with forge again, after some experience with modding with Risugami's Modloader. I knew how to set up directory, etc-but looked up a lot of videos just in case- I'm a little rusty.

I set up the source code for forge, then used the INSTALLER-- 'install.bat', if I remember correctly, to set up MCP. It looked good until it got to the bottom. Then, it said--

================ Forge ModLoader Setup Start ===================

Checking MCP zip (may take time to download)

Extracting MCP to 'C:\Users\Monkers\Desktop\forgeMod\forge\mcp'

Setting up MCP

Patching commands.py

patching file commands.py

    Commands patch applied successfully

Copying FML conf

Creating Repackaged data

    Creating re-packaged srg

    Creating re-packaged exc

    Creating re-packaged MCP patches

Fixing MCP Workspace

Downloading 42 libraries

    launchwrapper-1.8.jar Done

    asm-debug-all-4.1.jar Done

    asm-debug-all-4.1-sources.jar Done

    scala-library-2.10.2.jar Done

    scala-library-2.10.2-sources.jar Done

    scala-compiler-2.10.2.jar Done

    scala-compiler-2.10.2-sources.jar Done

    jopt-simple-4.5.jar Done

    jopt-simple-4.5-sources.jar Done

    lzma-0.0.1.jar Done

    codecjorbis-20101023.jar Done

    codecwav-20101023.jar Done

    libraryjavasound-20101123.jar Done

    librarylwjglopenal-20100824.jar Done

    soundsystem-20120107.jar Done

    lwjgl-2.9.0.jar Done

    lwjgl-2.9.0-sources.jar Done

    lwjgl_util-2.9.0.jar Done

    lwjgl_util-2.9.0-sources.jar Done

    argo-2.25_fixed.jar Done

    argo-2.25.jar Done

    argo-2.25-sources.jar Done

    bcprov-jdk15on-1.47.jar Done

    bcprov-jdk15on-1.47-sources.jar Done

    guava-14.0.jar Done

    guava-14.0-sources.jar Done

    commons-lang3-3.1.jar Done

    commons-lang3-3.1-sources.jar Done

    commons-io-2.4.jar Done

    commons-io-2.4-sources.jar Done

    jinput-2.0.5.jar Done

    jinput-2.0.5-sources.jar Done

    jutils-1.0.0.jar Done

    jutils-1.0.0-sources.jar Done

    gson-2.2.2.jar Done

    gson-2.2.2-sources.jar Done

    lwjgl-platform-2.9.0-natives-windows.jar Done

        Extracting OpenAL32.dll

        Extracting OpenAL64.dll

        Extracting lwjgl.dll

        Extracting lwjgl64.dll

    lwjgl-platform-2.9.0-natives-osx.jar Done

        Extracting liblwjgl.jnilib

        Extracting openal.dylib

    lwjgl-platform-2.9.0-natives-linux.jar Done

        Extracting liblwjgl.so

        Extracting liblwjgl64.so

        Extracting libopenal.so

        Extracting libopenal64.so

    jinput-platform-2.0.5-natives-windows.jar Done

        Extracting jinput-dx8.dll

        Extracting jinput-dx8_64.dll

        Extracting jinput-raw.dll

        Extracting jinput-raw_64.dll

        Extracting jinput-wintab.dll

    jinput-platform-2.0.5-natives-osx.jar Done

        Extracting libjinput-osx.jnilib

    jinput-platform-2.0.5-natives-linux.jar Done

        Extracting libjinput-linux.so

        Extracting libjinput-linux64.so

Backing up client

Downloaded 1.6.4.jar

Backing up server

Download of minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar failed hash check, deleting abcf286a14f7a

ee82e8bf89270433509 ba3145656b1480122bd8759cecd7b7a1

Something failed verifying minecraft files, see log for details.

Decompile Exception: 1

Press any key to continue . . .



I thought, oh well it probably does this all the time, so I redownloaded it after deleting MCP from it. I tried again, and the same thing happened. 5 times. I tried decompiling first, but no luck. I started up Eclipse Luna but, even though the directory was correct it always said 'Build path specifies execution environment JavaSE-1.6. There are no JREs installed in the workspace that are strictly compatible with this environment. Minecraft Build path JRE System Library Problem' I guess I've been as clear as I can, and I hope you can help me. -Monkermon


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    • I made a block entity in forge 1.20.1, I want to prevent hopper from taking input slot item, i tried to override the extractItem method, it prevented hopper from taking input slot item, but the player also unable to take/change the item in input slot unless the slot is empty. public class FluidSeparatorBlockEntity extends BlockEntity implements MenuProvider { private static final int INPUT_SLOT = 0; private final CustomItemHandler itemHandler = new CustomItemHandler(3){ @Override protected void onContentsChanged(int slot) { setChanged(); } @Override public boolean isItemValid(int slot, @NotNull ItemStack stack) { return slot == INPUT_SLOT; } @Override public @NotNull ItemStack extractItem(int slot, int amount, boolean simulate) { if (slot == INPUT_SLOT) { return ItemStack.EMPTY; } return super.extractItem(slot, amount, simulate); } }; private LazyOptional<IItemHandler> lazyItemHandler = LazyOptional.empty(); protected final ContainerData data; private int progress = 0; private int maxProgress = 78; public FluidSeparatorBlockEntity(BlockPos pPos, BlockState pBlockState) { super(ModBlockEntities.FLUID_SEPARATOR_BE.get(), pPos, pBlockState); this.data = new ContainerData() { @Override public int get(int pIndex) { return switch (pIndex) { case 0 -> FluidSeparatorBlockEntity.this.progress; case 1, 2 -> FluidSeparatorBlockEntity.this.maxProgress; default -> 0; }; } @Override public void set(int pIndex, int pValue) { switch (pIndex) { case 0 -> FluidSeparatorBlockEntity.this.progress = pValue; case 1, 2 -> FluidSeparatorBlockEntity.this.maxProgress = pValue; } } @Override public int getCount() { return 3; } }; } @Override public @NotNull <T> LazyOptional<T> getCapability(@NotNull Capability<T> cap, @Nullable Direction side) { if(cap == ForgeCapabilities.ITEM_HANDLER) { return lazyItemHandler.cast(); } return super.getCapability(cap, side); } @Override public void onLoad() { super.onLoad(); lazyItemHandler = LazyOptional.of(() -> itemHandler); } @Override public void invalidateCaps() { super.invalidateCaps(); lazyItemHandler.invalidate(); } public void drops() { SimpleContainer inventory = new SimpleContainer(itemHandler.getSlots()); for(int i = 0; i < itemHandler.getSlots(); i++) { inventory.setItem(i, itemHandler.getStackInSlot(i)); } Containers.dropContents(this.level, this.worldPosition, inventory); } @Override public Component getDisplayName() { return Component.translatable("block.chemmaster.fluid_separator"); } @Nullable @Override public AbstractContainerMenu createMenu(int pContainerId, Inventory pPlayerInventory, Player pPlayer) { return new FluidSeparatorMenu(pContainerId, pPlayerInventory, this, this.data); } @Override protected void saveAdditional(CompoundTag pTag) { pTag.put("inventory", itemHandler.serializeNBT()); pTag.putInt("fluid_separator.progress", progress); super.saveAdditional(pTag); } @Override public void load(CompoundTag pTag) { super.load(pTag); itemHandler.deserializeNBT(pTag.getCompound("inventory")); progress = pTag.getInt("fluid_separator.progress"); } public void tick(Level pLevel, BlockPos pPos, BlockState pState) { ItemStack inputStack = this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(INPUT_SLOT); if (inputStack.getCount() < 2) { resetProgress(); return; } if(hasRecipe()) { increaseCraftingProgress(); setChanged(pLevel, pPos, pState); if(hasProgressFinished()) { craftItem(); resetProgress(); } } else { resetProgress(); } } private void resetProgress() { progress = 0; } private void craftItem() { Optional<FluidSeparatingRecipe> recipe = getCurrentRecipe(); if (recipe.isPresent()) { List<ItemStack> results = recipe.get().getOutputs(); ItemStack inputStack = this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(INPUT_SLOT); if (inputStack.getCount() < 2) { // If there are not enough items, do not proceed with crafting return; } // Extract the input item from the input slot this.itemHandler.internalExtractItem(INPUT_SLOT, 2, false); // Loop through each result item and find suitable output slots for (ItemStack result : results) { int outputSlot = findSuitableOutputSlot(result); if (outputSlot != -1) { this.itemHandler.setStackInSlot(outputSlot, new ItemStack(result.getItem(), this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(outputSlot).getCount() + result.getCount())); } else { // Handle the case where no suitable output slot is found // This can be logging an error, throwing an exception, or any other handling logic System.err.println("No suitable output slot found for item: " + result); } } } } private int findSuitableOutputSlot(ItemStack result) { // Implement logic to find a suitable output slot for the given result // Return the slot index or -1 if no suitable slot is found for (int i = 0; i < this.itemHandler.getSlots(); i++) { // Ensure we do not place the output item in the input slot if (i == INPUT_SLOT) { continue; } ItemStack stackInSlot = this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(i); if (stackInSlot.isEmpty() || (stackInSlot.getItem() == result.getItem() && stackInSlot.getCount() + result.getCount() <= stackInSlot.getMaxStackSize())) { return i; } } return -1; } private boolean hasRecipe() { Optional<FluidSeparatingRecipe> recipe = getCurrentRecipe(); if (recipe.isEmpty()) { return false; } List<ItemStack> results = recipe.get().getOutputs(); for (ItemStack result : results) { if (!canInsertAmountIntoOutputSlot(result) || !canInsertItemIntoOutputSlot(result.getItem())) { return false; } } return true; } private Optional<FluidSeparatingRecipe> getCurrentRecipe(){ SimpleContainer inventory = new SimpleContainer(this.itemHandler.getSlots()); for (int i = 0; i < itemHandler.getSlots(); i++) { inventory.setItem(i, this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(i)); } return this.level.getRecipeManager().getRecipeFor(FluidSeparatingRecipe.Type.INSTANCE, inventory, level); } private boolean canInsertAmountIntoOutputSlot(ItemStack result) { for (int i = 1; i < this.itemHandler.getSlots(); i++) { ItemStack stackInSlot = this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(i); if (stackInSlot.isEmpty() || (stackInSlot.getItem() == result.getItem() && stackInSlot.getCount() + result.getCount() <= stackInSlot.getMaxStackSize())) { return true; } } return false; } private boolean canInsertItemIntoOutputSlot(Item item) { for (int i = 1; i < this.itemHandler.getSlots(); i++) { ItemStack stackInSlot = this.itemHandler.getStackInSlot(i); if (stackInSlot.isEmpty() || stackInSlot.getItem() == item) { return true; } } return false; } private boolean hasProgressFinished() { return progress >= maxProgress; } private void increaseCraftingProgress() { progress++; } }  
    • No dice. Unfortunately this fix didn't work, thank you though.
    • Maybe you need a rayon mod. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/rayon
    • Not sure what's going on the logs are making even less sense than usual to me. Any help would be much appreciated.   https://paste.ee/p/KBHyP#s=0
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