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[1.7.10] Cross-dimension teleport, again


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I'm worling on a tiny mod which is around more convenient (than vanilla) and less cheaty (than Mystcraft etc.) portals. As of now, I'm still having one problem - it's with riders and ridden entities. Single entities work just well.

1. When non-player entity rides a minecart, one can observe a slightly mislocated position of a rider. Like sheep would be not exactly at the center of the cart.

2. When a player rides smth like a minecart, one can experience p.1 or a warped move. Like, we're having a curved track out of portal, and a minecart with a rider moves directly to the endpoint after curve, where it should stop.


The similarity with these two mini-bugs is that they disappear if player re-logs server (or, in my case, restarts a game). That's why I think I need to enforce server-to-client synchronization somehow. Like send packet to client "This entity isn't where you think it is! Relocate it unconditionally to position XYZ!"


Teleporter code (Scala): https://github.com/target-san/Gateway/blob/master/src/targetsan/mcmods/gateway/Teleport.scala




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