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Forge Mod Manager V1.1


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Forge Mod Manager V1.1




This is a mod manager for Forge which has the ability to make multiple profiles in which mods are stored. This mods represented by their profile can be moved to your mods folder with a click of a button.



Version 1.1 : http://aspirated.esy.es/downloads/FMM_v1.1.zip

Version 1.0 : http://aspirated.esy.es/downloads/FMM_v1.0.zip


Requirements : .NET Framework 4.5 , Forge


Installation Instructions :

[*]Download the latest version and extract the zip file.

[*]If you already have installed an older version uninstall it first and then open 'setup.exe' and go through the installation procedure.

[*]If your Minecraft directory is not the default you might get an error which can be fixed by entering your custom directory.



How to use:

  • To create a profile type in a name and click 'Add profile'. This will create a folder in 'Documents/Forge Mod Manager/Profile_name' and then restart the program to refresh the profile list.
  • To select the profile browse down the selection box. Click 'Open profile' and this will open up a window in which you can place your mods in.
  • Once you have selected your desired profile click the ">>" button, between the two boxes where your mods are listed , to copy the mods in your selected profile to the mods folder (NOTE:Doing this will result in all of the mods in your mods folder to be deleted so be sure to move the mods to a profile before doing this. Make sure that Minecraft is NOT running!)


What's changed in version 1.1

  • Bug when starting up the program for the first time fixed
  • New UI
  • 'PRF-' identifier removed
  • Performance bugs fixed


What's to be expected in upcoming version's

  • A working profile delete button
  • Automatic updater
  • Even better UI


Tweet or email or post your bugs and problems

Follow me on Twitter @KNIGHT_65

[email protected]


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You could try to read the MODINFO file to check for which MC version its for and what mods dependicies it has, that way the tool will be a way noobs (which this is aimed at) can not screw it up to bad!

I try not to be mean about your english (as my own isn't the best either) but sometimes I can't help myself!

If you get mad at me for this or any other reason, please look at the profile picture so you'll feel better (and pretier) than me!


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