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~~Life 2 Oblivion~~ A Vanilla, Deathban, survival server!


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Welcome to Life 2 Oblivion. This server is not for the weaka at heart. if you looking for a creative, fluffy cat cutie serverr...THIS ISNT FOR YOU! SO STOP HERE AND LEAVE! this server is for the brave and strong willed Minecraft player! One who keeps poking a creeper with a pencil while wearing nothign but his underwear. 


This server is a vanilla, survival, deathban server! Meaning its bare to the bone vanilla with deathban, a mod that bans you uppon your death for 3hrs. The server is also set to hard mode but fear not! For spawn is a safe haven for all you noobish players....and the new players will be granted a 1hr no PvP buff so that they can get out there and find a safe haven of there own.


We have set up a website where you can mingle with your fellow survivors or donate to the server. You can also pay $1 to be revived instead of waiting for the 3hrs to be up.


AGAIN! This server is not for the weak at heart....you will die....you will lose it all....and no one will hear you scream when it happens....death awaits you....come if you dare....


Life 2 Oblivion


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