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Item toolClasses


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I know by default the tool classes that exist are 'pickaxe', 'axe', 'shovel', with harvest levels 0 (wood, gold), 1 (stone), 2 (iron), 3 (diamond)


Why don't mods expand this with other tools? are we not to do so?




I have a block that is rotatable on right-click with a wrench, so Block.rotateBlock works perfectly for this.

It also dismantles with sneak + left-click with a wrench, so I check Item.getHarvestLevel if it is a "wrench"


In my own wrench tool I set the tool class to "wrench" (harvest 0)


Every thing works perfectly,

But when testing wrenches added by other mods they do nothing, after looking through their code none have set their wrenches with a custom tool class.


To go another step further I have yet to see any mod adding custom toolClasses (some do set harvest levels higher then 3)


Now I'm wondering, is setting a custom tool class an over-looked unused feature, or a modding faux pas?

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