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prevPosXYZ and lastTickPosXYZ don't work for players


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Heyho Guys!

I spend some time creating an entity which detects other entities flying through a diagonal surface; works fine.

The algorithm checks for the last tick position and the actual position and executes an action if the surface is passed.

The only problem is the player: his values for prevPosX/Y/Z and lastTickPosX/Y/Z are always the same as its actual position.


How can I get the players movement since the last tick?

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I've noticed some such inconsistency before.  You may just have to create your own field to track it.  Basically you can just use PlayerTickEvent and record value from last tick.  Since it sounds like you just want to use these for instantaneous calculations of whether player has passed through some location, you shouldn't have to save the values as an actual extended property, although you could do that if you felt it was somehow necessary.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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