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[1.7.10] Playing sound as background and stop it


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Hi guys first of all I have to say that I'm still learning java in school and I'm a bit still confused how minecraft work, but I have no experience with sounds is java in minecraft at all.

To sum up :D I know how to make simple mods, blocks, mobs, items, dimensions but no experience with complex commands and sounds...

I'd like to learn it and my goal is to modify or recreate the playsound command, but with a few new properties:


1.) Make an argument which determines that is it on background mode so it's not on a specific location but moving as the player goes (kind of those "music" musics in the game)

// I'm not just asking how to make new commands and arguments, I'm interested more the other part  ;)


2.)To make another command which fades away the specific music (maybe setting an ID for the played sound)

// something like "/stopsound <Player> <sound> [fade t/f]


Any advice where to look, learn about it?

Thanks guys :) 

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