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my ore textures not rendering ingame or generating ingame


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looking to reach out a lil bit here i have coded all my creative tabs my ore gen and pu the proper png were they need to go to render but in the console i get


[22:38:59] [Client thread/ERROR]: Using missing texture, unable to load aerocorp:textures/items/NickleIngot.png

java.io.FileNotFoundException: aerocorp:textures/items/NickleIngot.png


for all my ores


5 of my ores generate in the creative tabs the other is a funky black and purple box either way they are not generating in world i can load some of my main code if youd like to see it this is a learning experiance for me so if theres a better way please dont hesitate to fill my inexperianced self in


aerocorp is my mod


i have and loaded






and nickle

the only texture in the creaative tab that done show up is nickle thanks in advance


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Not sure I understand the problem, if I got it right:

1) you get the "missing texture" error and black-and-pink texture for your nickelingot.png

2) in the creative tab, your other ores show up fine but when you place them in the world you don't see anything?


1) is probably because there's no nickelingot.png in src/main/resources/assets/aerocorp/textures/items


For (2), what do you see?  anything at all?  are you sure the block is there?




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blocks and ingots/dusts are in the creative tab i can place them in world but worldgen is not worldgening them at all not even a little bit




as you can tell the names are a little skrewy but they are ingame placed and in inventory but no ore generation



there is my code


ive been on it for 2 days not sure what i did wrong as im very new to the coding

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so i think you were right in the registering of my ore gen so i tested a few things


1 i commented out ACWorldGen eventWorldGen = new ACWorldGen

2 added in the pre init phase Gameregistry.registerWorldGenaerator(new ACWorldgen(),1); also set diffeerent weight verible to get something to spawn

still nothing :( not sure what i did but it is so not working


trying to get my ores tidy up so i can ad 1 more pile of skull gen then idk machines and recipes mabe idk

any help in this matter is much appreciated

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