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[solved]Textures on custom mob not rendering


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Hi, im creating a redpanda custom mob. Everything seems to work except the textures which only show as black and pink blocks.

heres the Render.class code


package com.animals.redpanda;


import com.animals.animalsmod.strings;


import net.minecraft.client.model.ModelBase;

import net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RenderLiving;

import net.minecraft.entity.Entity;

import net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation;


public class RenderRedPandaMob extends RenderLiving{


private static final ResourceLocation mobTextures = new ResourceLocation(strings.MODID + ":textures/entity/RedPanda.png");


public RenderRedPandaMob(ModelBase par1ModelBase, float par2) {

super(par1ModelBase, par2);




protected ResourceLocation getEntityTexture(EntityRedPandaMob entity){

return mobTextures;



protected ResourceLocation getEntityTexture(Entity entity){

return this.getEntityTexture((EntityRedPandaMob)entity);




Can anyone figure out why its not rendering correctly?


Ive double and triple checked the source for the textures which is located at C:\Users\Cath\Downloads\Forge\src\main\resources\assets\animals\textures\entity

the name of the texture file is RedPanda and its a .png (created through techne)

It shows as RedPanda.png in the package explorer.


Thanks :D

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strings.MODID is "animals" right? That needs to be lowercase.


Also, an error about the file not found should pop up on the console.. you might try and spot it, and see what minecraft is actually looking for.

I try my best, so apologies if I said something obviously stupid!

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