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[SOLVED][1.7.10] Loading/Saving Data on Game Load/Save


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I have a data structure that I'm maintaining in the main Mod class.  I would like to persist this data with the game file when the game/map saves and load it when the game/map loads.  I seen several places where it is suggested to use WorldSavedData. I understand that this will save extra data with the world map.  What I'm not connecting the dots on is how to access this from my Mod class.  Are there WorldLoadEvent and WorldSaveEvents that I can register to?


What I don't want to do is continually update WorldSavedData from a TileEntity or Entity or something.  My data structure would be help in memory and I would like to read/dump it once at game load/save.



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Thanks diesieben07.  Is there an event or something I can use to load/setup my data structure when the map first loads up?


And calling markDirty - is this required only once? ie. it sets a flag and when the game is saved (user initiated game save) that flag is checked, or would I have to call this every time i change my data (Minecraft saves the data continually behind-the-scenes)?

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